Located in Angola this project is the result of months of due diligence and dedication from our close team of independent Architects, Urban Planners and Engineers. This is a conceptual master plan of a broad, long-term vision for social housing. A plan that aspires to celebrate the greatest parts of the Angolan people and their history and culture, while also laying the groundwork for a bright future in this young country and emerging global market in a social and sustainable way.

Since the stabilization of democracy and with investment in the natural wealth of Angola, the city of Luanda has become one of the fastest growing cities in Africa. This plan brings forward fresh and cutting-edge ideas for city and infrastructure planning; and it is based on the three pillars of sustainability: environment, society and economy.

The conceptual master plan presented here is the first step in developing the comprehensive plan for Luanda. The next step is preparing a more detailed master plan, which will be implement regulations, policies and more detailed design to become the official comprehensive plan document.

This plan is strategically divided in three construction phases. The project uses natural cycles to provide efficient infrastructure for water, drainage, water purification, biogas generation from waste, and recycling.
It also employs efficient building technologies, such as the modular system for the apartments, all of which surround green areas. The most extensive of these is the botanical garden, the social and cultural centre and the lungs of the project in its entirety.

It is our ultimate aim that this conceptual master plan, which is very much inspired by a socially, economically and ecologically sustainable approach to development, could set new opportunities as each strive to achieve a new urban settlement.


Social Housing / Master Plan

Project Location: Angola

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